Thursday, December 13, 2012

i will follow...

So, recently I’ve noticed that when I pick television programs to adopt or try out for regular rotation, I gravitate to either writers or producers I like, or actors that I have a fondness for based on prior shows I watched. I currently love Parenthood and I can attribute this as it’s from the creator of Friday Night Lights – Jason Katims, and has Lauren Graham in it. I never would have started watching without one of those two things. I also completely appreciate that several people from Friday Night Lights have made guest appearances since the start of the show – it’s like catching up with old friends from time to time. I am totally hooked on Nashville, primarily because I have a complete girl crush on Connie Britton, and I pretty much want her relationship with her husband from Friday Night Lights (are we seeing a theme yet? Go watch FNL now, and tell me it’s about  football – it’s all about the marriage in my opinion). The other show I really enjoy is Revenge because of Emily VanCamp – I’ve been a fan since Everwood – which is one of the best shows ever. I also like the edginess of the show, but Emily convinced me by being cast in it that I had to watch it. Do you follow people to new shows?

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