Monday, December 17, 2012

flash... lights lights

Last week for 12-12-12, I challenged myself to a photo challenge - to try to take twelve different pictures through out the course of the day. I did kind of forget that working all day can mean for less then ample opportunities to take exciting photos or hit unique spots to not have some standard photos. I think instead I ended up attempting to be artsy, while at work- notice the food pictures. Oh well, I managed to do it... less then glamorous, but I completed.

 1) My fruit for the day that was still at my house, 2) my funky shoes, photographed while still on - interesting take on the self portrait, 3) a fun shot of my headphones- my saving grace at work for when people are loud or too quiet

 4) My OCD coming out in the lining up of my orange - even columns and rows 5) my colleague's adorable Christmas tree at her desk, its mini and awesome, and I kind of want to steal it 6) part two of my orange- in a more artistic setting after I ate a few slices

 7) The trees near work that are near 43rd street- I think I creeped out the girl sitting next to it, but I saw it as my opportunity to get something less officey, 8) the number 12 in my friends apartment building elevator - not exciting, but it was the number 12!!! 9) A fuzzy shot of the tree in Bryant Park - it's blue - I love blue

10) My neighbor's window - now it was taking a turn for super creepy standing on the street photographing their window - but I love that window and that tree, LOVE!!! 11) the tape on my tacos - from Taco Truck- dinner was never better, 12) wrapping an ornament for an exchange I signed up for on another blog

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