Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well today is the last time in my life time, unless I make it to 118 years old (and very very close to 119 years old), that I will see a date with all three numbers the same- month- day - year. It feels like a magic sort of day- one that should be memorable to say the least. Or at least something that I should attempt to do something throughout the day twelve times. So what to attempt to complete twelve times…  I think I am going to try to capture something on my camera 12 times and then share that with all of you early next week (you know, once I have time to get organized and write my post). Not everything will be exciting, but maybe it will be interesting to look back on a day in my life through pictures.  Hopefully, I’ll enjoy trying this, or there will never be a follow up post to this wacky idea. Wish me luck.

(photo from it starts with me)

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