Thursday, December 20, 2012

an obsession

I know I am hardly the first person to be obsessed with Pinterest, I mean everyone gets into it to some level. I find that I cannot not stop myself from playing on it with my phone when I commute, a little before bed at night, for a 2 minute break at work. Looking at pretty things – clothing ideas, food I have never made (one day, I promise), just is so addictive. I also feel a high every single time I get an email telling me anyone (friends, strangers, particularly strangers) liked or repinned my selections.  Also, I find that when I head home to visit the family, evening when my dad is commandeering the television for football, and my mother is usually sleeping sitting up at the kitchen table (it’s amazing to see- I know who I get my ability to sleep anywhere any time from) – I am like ok I’ll Pinterest for the next two hours. For some reason it is a great way to get me ready for an insanely early bedtime. I am looking forward to a nice weekend with the family and Pinterest (if you'd like to follow me- see here).

(photo from pinterest)

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