Thursday, January 5, 2012

I pray it never fades in white

Hat: Banana Republic, Mittens: Isotoner, Scarf:  Echo
I recently bought a new winter coat in a beautiful chocolate brown, during all the great after Christmas sales. Naturally some winter accessories are needed to stay warm and look fashionable. I love cream colors, particularly when paired with with the rich dark brown color of my coat. I've had the hat for several years now, I love the bucket hat and ever since my college days in Vermont, I don't avoid hats or fear hat head any more. I hate being cold and the hat does wonders for that. I did also pick up an infinity scarf, which is absolutely amazing at keeping me warm - big fan of the double loop. I also found some adorable cable knit mittens with leather palms, meaning that when traveling on the subway I don't have to worry about getting the mittens dirty. Hopefully winter isn't too long this year, but at least I am prepared to stay toasty warm for now.

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