Monday, January 2, 2012

Tonight's another chance to start again

Bikes in Munich from a European adventure in 2009
Every year I try to come up with a list of obtainable resolutions - none of that will go to the gym every day. I just don't see the point of setting one's self up to fail - there can always be some lofty resolutions, but there has to be a path to get there. I decided to have five clear objectives in 2012.

1) Cook more - I was doing so well at different points of the past year trying to bake or create something in the kitchen, to varying degrees of success.  2012 is the year I will make time to spend in the kitchen learning how to make new things, and perfecting some old reliables.

2) Make a strong run at elite status on my airline miles this year.  This pretty much sums up to travel often this year, and so far I've got two trips planned for February alone, and few trips pending for late March and mid April. If I get some work trips in as well - back to London, this may be within reach.

3) Do more DIY projects. It's so easy just to buy new accessories for home or for fashion, that sometimes I forget how fun it is to make things by hand. I also forget how frustrating some DIY projects can be, but it definitely is fun to try new things.

4) Explore more of New York City. I spend almost every day in the city, yet I don't know many areas, nor have I spent nearly enough time exploring so many places.

5) Vacuum once a week. I hate cleaning the floors, it's time to embrace that they will not clean themselves and I am not likely to score a roomba anytime soon.

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