Thursday, January 19, 2012

rock it out for reading

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, I really can't quite understand people who don't like to read.  If I don't have at least a couple books in the pile to read I get a bit antsy.  I thought it might be fun to occasionally share with you all some of my recent reads, just in case your looking for a good recommendation.

1) Maine- by J. Courtney Sullivan. This appealed to me at first mainly due to the title- I love the thought of Maine in the summertime.  Three generations of women in a family come together to spend a summer at the family beach house in Maine - each with some secrets.  A great tale with some interesting historical contexts such as the Coconut Grove nightclub fire, how family life has evolved in the last 50 years, and how families truly come together even when they might not like each other.

2) Think Twice- Lisa Scottoline. Purposely picked because Amazon was giving it away and I needed to get to the $25 point for free shipping on my purchase (hey, we've all done that). Interestingly, it involved identical twin women (those who know me in the real world think hard about that), where one of them tries to kill the other and take over her life. Definitely makes you think about family bonds, and how nature and nurture play a role in who we are. This was a quick paced read, with nice short chapters to keep it moving, as well as engaging you in the thrill of what the final outcome would be.

3) The Girl From Junchow- Kate Furnivall.  A historical fiction book based in Russia in 1929. A great mix of adventure and love story, as a girl goes in search of her father believed to have been killed by the Bolsheviks. I enjoyed the landscape of a communist Russia, and how it played into the story, but didn't dominate the book. Some interesting twists through out the book to keep one engaged, and how people are willing to risk so much for the ones they love.

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