Thursday, January 24, 2013

eye of the tiger

Well I finally read Life of Pi , it only took a severe plane delay due to maintenance issues and many hours at the airport to make me say to myself, fine let’s do this. (Anyone else feel like every flight they get on is delayed to some degree, or is it me?) My book club pick this one out as our inaugural book, and it was not my style of book as I tend to lean towards multiple characters and a bit less graphic. Needless to say, I am rather glad the book club picked something out of my normal style to get me to broaden my horizons. The book follows a very religious young man – very much driven by a true faith – he is Muslim, Hindu and Christian, and practices all with regularity. This aspect I found incredibly fascinating – faith is so individualized and so controversial, seeing one person feel strongly enough to call himself all three was just different.  The story of Pi’s survival is interesting particularly as he finds himself aboard the boat with a small menagerie of zoo animals. I also appreciated the twist at the end where you have to decide for yourself what truly happened aboard the lifeboat. All and all I am glad to have crossed this off my list of books I should read, and glad I get to discuss it later over wine and cheese.

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