Tuesday, January 1, 2013

all is quiet on new year's day

Welcome to 2013- I decided that I’d take off the end of the year from my blogging so I could start off 2013 with a fresh outlook and feeling ready to dive back in. It was nice to relax and just not worry about trying to think of fun things to post, or think of fun things to post but get ready to have fun and busy start to 2013.  Right now I am debating a blog name change- I just don’t really love the way “a few of my favorite things” sounds any more. I also don’t really feel like it fits the blog. I am not really that into showing things around the web to buy or new trends, etc. I still like to do that on occasion, but it’s much more a back burner blog post these days. I find the blogs I like to read are just very life style orientated, taking on the life of the blogger, which is where I think I started to head more and more throughout 2012.  For now, I’ll be jotting a few ideas on my notepad at my desk, so maybe in a month or so you’ll see a better more aptly named space.
Also on the 2013 agenda is to just enjoy the little things more and more – take more time out of the busy life to do simple things, like cook dinner, make it out for a jog, sign up for some strange class or discussion. Hoping that I can stick to this plan this year… hold me to it won’t you please?

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  1. ooh can't wait to see what you name your blog :)