Thursday, January 10, 2013

money money money

I don’t think it’s any secret that I enjoy shopping. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to actually set a fairly decent clothing budget for 2013 and stick to it, which is easier said than done when I walk by shops every day, get emails with great sales all the time, and just have a love for wearing something new that makes me feel nice. I am not uber trendy, but I am enjoying the pretty colors in the windows – and I do enjoy purchasing items for certain special occasions or for specific trips. I also have a closet bursting full of clothes that really has way too much, and plenty to wear. For this year, I thought about how can I start trying to curb the shopping and clean out some of the clutter. I decided to essentially pay myself for a shopping budget by three ways- $50 flat right in the bank account for clothing shopping each month, “earning” $5 per every lunch I bring to work (remember that was one of my goals for 2013), and “earning” $5 for every workout I do (general thought – trip to the gym, run outside, worth $5, if for some reason I go once in the morning and do something at night – that’s two trips, but that’s probably not going to happen).  I am hoping by having ways to earn more shopping budget will get me motivated to work out regularly (good for the body, good for the wardrobe), keep up the good lunch habits and just give me a better sense of not instantly buying new clothes just because I can. I’ll definitely do an update about how this is going at some point down the line.

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