Wednesday, January 23, 2013

good morning sunshine

It is by far one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far, I know it’s actually more normal to be having 20 degree weather in January, but the 50 degrees has been so nice. Under the guise of new years resolutions, and my major project at work finalizing last week, I can finally hit up workouts with some regularity. I started this week off with a bright and early start of going to the gym in the mornings as I tend to get bogged a bit and when you work a little late, that ruins all hope and dreams for a good post work workout. It makes sense to me if I just get the gym done in the morning the rest of the day or evening are mine for any activities of my choosing (early to bed for the next day seems to be where my little mind is thinking right now, but hopefully I get into routine enough to feel like dinners and other events might happen). 

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