Thursday, January 17, 2013

do you birchbox?

Six months ago, I stumbled across Birchbox, and on a whim I signed up to receive a monthly little box with makeup samples and lifestyle products. I love this concept (why did I not think of this concept?), each month a cute box with fun things to try and potentially buy makes it way to me, and I get to enjoy products I’d be nervous about just buying full sized just to try out. I’ve definitely had some successful finds during my time so far with Birchbox – I now really prefer a BB crème over foundation, and my skin feels so good. I also love that it’s not always beauty products, I’ve tried teas, chocolates, Lara bars to hair ties, baggies, it’s never certain what this little box of mystery will contain. I do feel like every month it’s like Santa has dropped by with extra treats to feed my girly habits.

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