Wednesday, January 2, 2013

promise of a new day

Champagne and Raspberries- Lunch of Champions
Hello readers- are we sensing a theme this week? Not all intentional – just as I thought about what I want for 2013, and things I’d like to do to challenge myself to do in the new year, well the words just couldn’t be stopped.  One thing I am hopelessly bad at is bringing my lunch to work, I am one of those habitual buyers of lunch just because it’s so easy (I have a work cafeteria so I don’t even have to go outside, ever). I am not a big eater of the bad things, it’s typically salad, but I am wondering if I can actually rise to the challenge of planning enough ahead to bring my lunch to work at least four times a week in January – if I am successful, then I’ll see if I can continue the trend throughout the rest of the year. Seems like a rather simple thought, but I really struggle with that pre-planning that goes into being able to do this on a regular basis. Lame- I know but this is really one of those things I’d like to master, mainly because it means I can really be responsible for what I eat during the work day. One of the ways I plan on tackling this little challenge is trying to cook a few things over the weekends and freeze up some portions so I can just pop things into my lunch sack (ha, I wrote sack, and laughed like a bumbling idiot for like 15 minutes, yep I am about as mature as thirteen year old boy). Hopefully, I can keep up my good intentions through out the year, but lunch is just one of those things I think I can tackle.

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  1. that's funny. I can totally relate as I this is also one of my resolutions! sad. but true.