Monday, October 14, 2013

be kind

You hear a ton about bullying these days, but never about adults who bully. I will say adults bully just as much as kids and we need to stop. I’ve certainly not been kind to everyone that I should be, and definitely have faced some of my own bullies through the days. Reason for this post, I recently stumbled across a post on social media site that was definitely meant to be a snarky view on me – I wasn’t meant to see it, I know this, but I did and my feelings were a bit hurt. The people involved did a direct dig at me and three of them I’ve only met once, and at the time I remember thinking I really didn’t enjoy myself in the situation I was in with them- it was supposed to be fun, but I felt like the odd man out the entire time I was there. Long story short I did spend a part of that time on the phone in tears because I felt awful about it. I’ve grown apart from the person I knew the best at the time, which is completely fine – I still wish that person well.  I think it’s time for people to remember what you post anywhere is open for public consumption. This group of people probably never know I saw it, and probably wouldn’t think twice about my feelings, but it certainly put me in a reality check, it also brought back memories of a time that wasn’t great for me, and to still be made fun of by people I don’t know well is hurtful. It certainly has lead me to reflect and make sure I am thoughtful I want I put out into the world, because you can never take it back, even if you’ve deleted it.

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  1. this truly saddens me as you are a beautiful and bright person and friend. For something like that to be written can only mean they do not truly know you!!