Wednesday, October 23, 2013

much loved

This coffee table book looks so cute to me  - I think everyone needs a lovey and it’s great to see some truly loved bears and animals.  Much Loved by Mark Nixon is a collection of teddy bear portraits of some of the most loved of their kind. I still have my pink bear – Snuff, who’s been loved since 1988, making him 25 years young. Snuff now sits above my bed most nights watching me sleep (little creeper). Lately, I have been trying to track down Dolly – my lovey from birth, whom my mother painstakingly replaced her back regularly since I would wear it out, and eventually had to do reconstructive facial surgery when I wore through that too. I think Dolly must be at my parents’ house somewhere in a hidden spot as I cannot find her in mine – I really do hope I can find her as she was so loved for so long.

Did you have a lovey or two?

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