Friday, October 25, 2013

on top of the world

A couple of weekends ago, I met a colleague from out of town to do some classic New York sightseeing – as someone who didn’t grow up in these parts, I am always looking for an excuse or two to do some of the more touristy items in the area. It’s a completely true statement, when you live somewhere you tend not to take good advantage of what there is offered. I met her at her hotel and we ended up walking down to Grand Central Station in order to catch the train, but that turned in to sight number one. Grand Central is one of those true masterpieces architecture in my opinion, I love old timey charm that you don’t get in very modern buildings – details are incredible to me. From there, I took us down to do some walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, something I think is just beautiful – you get to walk above traffic and see so many amazing views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Once over to the other side, I feel like it’s essential to get some ice cream and take a peek at the Statue of Liberty from a far. After that we hopped the ferry (my first ever ferry ride in NY between Brooklyn and the city) and made our way to the Empire State Building. I’ve done the Empire State Building once before – on a cool rainy night which was just the right touch of romance for that certain adventure, and I saw Jess from Gilmore Girls there too (extra bonus).  It still is one of the most incredible views out there, if you ever get the chance to go it’s worth it.  The day was topped off with a trip to one of my favorite restaurants nearby which was just a nice little treat.  All and all, I still love getting to play tourist in a city I spend almost every single day in.

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