Monday, October 21, 2013

hilarious moments in working out

I am definitely into trying out new workouts, and just signing up to try places through Groupons, Gilt Groupe, etc. Over the past weekend, a friend brought me to try out her gym in the city, which is a gorgeous facility. Given the vast list of class options, we debated between dance and step aerobics. Thinking that dance class might involve some serious coordination or be one of those build as you go each week, we opted for what we'd assume would be an easier to follow step class. Oh, man were we ever wrong. The instructor was a very lovely man, who's only words of advice to us as newbies was to just not stop moving even if we had no idea what to do next. Oh my goodness, I wish someone was video tapping me during this entire class because after the first 15 minutes, I pretty much just started doing whatever came to my head because I had no idea how to "Hollywood", "ghost" or "Halloween" - yet all the regulars followed the directions and were moving around like a choreographed dance troupe, and I looked like a new born deer learning to walk. Step was extremely hard (made me kind of wish maybe we decided on dance) and I was sweating like crazy even though half the time I just kind of jumped around and pretended to know what was going on. It definitely will remind me to never assume any workout is going to be easy.

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