Friday, October 4, 2013

happiness list

These little lists are really one thing I’ve been enjoying doing every couple of weeks on my blog. Since cutting down to three posts a week (much more manageable for me at this stage), this “sometimes series” really makes me reflect on things to be grateful for. It’s nice to step back and reflect every now and again.

My new teeny tiny plants from The Sill. I thought they would be a bit bigger, at least in my mind they were bigger. However, I was pleasantly delighted by how absolutely miniature the succulents are and now they brighten up a small corner of my desk.

Halloween candy – so far I’ve been pretty disciplined, only buying one bag of mixed M&M’s. Peanut is my favorite, I could eat them all the time but have the little bags is making me ration out candy pretty efficiently, and making me have a bit less guilt compared to other Halloweens when I just take myself to candy town. Oh, won’t you please, take me to candy town?

Learning that little Norby, at not even a year old, eats grilled cheese. This makes me smile and giggle because this kid is not into the baby food at all. He wants to be a little grown up, which I think the family saw coming from a mile away. I also laugh because I think the whole family views cheese as a standalone food group – good to see that trait got passed along to the next generation.

Having too much to watch on the DVR – really random I know, but it’s nice to know there’s a stash of shows to catch up on. I’ve really been keeping up with two things regularly so far, The Mindy Project (love her, you know this) and How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched HIMYM since the beginning and the show is very relate-able. I’m a crier so I am getting in the full season of crying this year, I’ll definitely miss the gang when the finale airs.

Enjoy Indian summer this week- it’s such a treat to get a bit more warmth in before the chill of winter really sets in.

What’s on your happiness list this week?

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  1. <3 the part about Norby.... that's so cute!