Monday, October 28, 2013

tricks and treats

Halloween seemed to be in full effect over the weekend- seems like everyone was out in costume on Saturday night- which I agree is much easier then attempting to go out on a school night this coming week. I actually took a break from getting dressed up, I wasn't in so much of a Halloween spirit for myself - but I did enjoy walking around after dinner spotting some of the costumes of the night. Some favorites included - Jake from State Farm (well played guy in khakis and red shirt, you weren't hideous, but it was fun to say), Ghostbuster along with Maverick from Top Gun - two very manly costumes - yet oddly paired up, and Cookie Monster. I really liked walking around, but I really enjoyed not freezing my bum off in a costume too. My favorite Halloween costume though goes to Norbs who was the cutest little pumpkin that you ever did see. What were some of the great costumes you saw this year?

(photo from Saved By Grace of a Southern Charm)

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