Monday, December 5, 2011

December come to me

Signs of the holidays are everywhere and I love seeing how different places are decorated.  I snapped a few photos over the weekend of different things that just put me in good spirits.

The wreath was outside a great brunch spot and I love how it looks against the pained window. White lights are my favorite - just the simple twinkly lights- I cannot wait to start walking around when night falls later on and look at all the houses all decorated.
The Merry Christmas sign is actually on display at the cube right behind mine at work (oh the joys of cube life). One of my colleagues comes in for a visit the next week and everyone likes to get the place all nice and cheerful.

Another package tied up with string, but half the fun of the holidays is wrapping up gifts. I am a big fan of unique wrapping, and despise the holiday gift bag. Bags are not nearly as fun to open and wrapped boxes. I love personalizing the box itself and to the person receiving. This is one of the first gifts I've wrapped up, but I love adding to the pile under the tree.

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