Wednesday, December 28, 2011

little snowbird

As part of the holiday festivities, my mother and I each got a manicure before heading to church services. Getting my nails done is one of my favorite little treats, just a tiny bit of pampering, to make you feel completely girly. My mom and I were not the only mother/daughter pair in the place, a young girl and her mother were getting mani/pedis for Christmas too. While the little girl's mother was doing something in the back room (I'll leave what that was to your imagination, because I have no idea what could have been taking so long), she asked the nail tech to paint little snowmen on her nails. I definitely thought it was cute, but not something I would normally go for, until the technician asked me if I wanted snowflakes on my nails. Feeling festive, I said sure why not, which resulted in this very sweet design on the ring finger of both hands.

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