Monday, December 19, 2011

it's coming on Christmas, they're cutting down trees


Walking around even a Christmas tree shop, smells divine at this time of the year- it makes me a bit nostalgic for the tree farm my family use to visit when we were young. We'd pile into my dad's baby blue van (always called the full name, never abbreviated) and drive out to the farm to go select out tree. It was always an adventure, and I remember doing this trip in the day time and some times in the evening when it was dark. It was still the time when snow actually was a fairly regular occurrence in Massachusetts and it would be cold and we could crunch through the snow looking for the perfect tree to bring home. My dad would be responsible for sawing it down, and we would stand in wonder as we loaded the tree on an old fashioned sled to haul back to the baby blue van. I love the family memories the holiday season creates, and even though it's been far too long since the family went in search of a tree, I can only look back fondly of this memory my parents helped create for us now. The smell of pine and balsam firs will always be favorable in my mind.

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